Nepal Freight Forwarders Association (NEFFA) provides related
information, consultations and platforms for workshop, seminars,
interactions, training etc. Nepal Freight Forwarders Association(NEFFA)
was established in 1998 AD as non-political, nonprofit making,
non-government association.NEFFA’s mission is to facilitate international trade by delivering goods at the destination in an efficient and fast manner.The objectives of NEFFA are as follows:

  •  Safeguarding the rights and privileges of freight forwarders entrepreneurs or any firm or company related to transportation
  • To promote and develop national and international transportation industry business

  • To liaise with experts, professionals, media, academics and transport and customs experts to keep the association abreast

  • To perform miscellaneous tasks to fulfill the objectives of the association

S&S Logistics was established in 2002 in the heart of Kathmandu, with a motive of delivering fast, reliable and quality service along with gaining trust and maintaining long-term relation with our customers. Our company has been a  member of NEFFA since the 2004 as to protect our rights and privilege as a freight forwarders and to evolve in national and international transportation business.S&S Logistic have been participated in various seminars, interactions and many other similar platform to show the company’s agility  to grow within this industry. We have been member of this association for now 18 years and we have been able  to create value and build trust with our clients and other member of the association within.

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